Blissful Bali Adventures

Halo Semuanya! (hi everyone!)

Bali has always been a dream destination for me! The idea of beautiful beaches with crystal-clear waters with birds chirping cheerful songs, exploring ancient temples, and seeing all of the amazing balinese wildlife inspires me a lot!

My travel dream was fulfilled when my family and I moved from Sydney to Amsterdam; we had a stop-over in Bali! After a 6 hour and 16 minute flight, and 20 minute car drive, we arrived in Jimbaran Bay- a beach paradise. With its warm, clear waters, and beautiful tropical palm trees surrounding the beach; Jimbaran bay is a must-see! 

Apart from enjoying iced strawberry smoothies by the infinity pool (mmm... that sounds so good right now) I was really excited to get the full balinese experience.

One of my favourite places that we visited was the elephant safari park . Not only do you get to ride on an elephant through the exquisite jungle and waters, but you are able to watch incredible elephant shows. I mean, have you ever seen an elephant dunk a basketball into a hoop? Well, it is pretty amazing! As well as this, I loved visiting the bali bird and reptile park. The park has got so many beautiful and vibrant birds, which you can feed and hold. Well, I think my chance of holding a bird again is very low, since when I was holding a bird in the park, it bit me on the head, and not to mention that its beak was very...very...very big!

Another vital piece of my Bali adventures was visiting the Batuan temple. Built in 1020 AD, It is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen. Before you enter the temple, you are given a 'Kamben' which is a traditional Balinese costume; this is to show your respect and honour.

It is designed very beautifully and authentically, and it displays many traditional Balinese ornaments. One of my personal favourite experiences there, was the flower baskets. When you go  inside the temple, there are some local women who make these fascinating little flower baskets.

Bali has been one of my most memorable trips, and the experiences that I gained will stay with me forever. I hope that if you ever go to this incredible place, it will be the same <3

I hope that you are having a great day,

Marie xox <3